Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pre-Heresy List #4: Thousand Sons

This army was a real challenge to work on, as themed lists go, and I took a long, long time to decide how I wanted it to turn out. I'm not 100% sure that I'm finished with it yet, but I can't be far off.

Creating the parameters for the list was key.

1) It had to look better on the table than my previous themed lists. My other three pre-heresy lists are neat, but they really lack any kind of visual pizazz; it's mainly because they are functionally 'mech' lists and all their foot troops are mounted in transports. This is great for in-game effectiveness, but visually you're not getting that 'pop' that the 1Ksons have the potential for.

2) It had to function in a similar fashion to how the army worked in the novel A Thousand Sons (for obvious reasons). This is by far the most difficult parameter to follow because I had to search through all the SM and CSM variations to find the right fit.

3) It had to be at least marginally effective on the table. It doesn't need to be a killer army, but it needs to be able to hold its own.

4) It had to function differently than my other armies. A lot of pre-heresy forces seemed to be similar in the background story. The 30K Space Marine Legions were massive force 100,000 strong, led by gods, carried by fleets of thousands of ships. You lose a lot of character when dealing with numbers of such a grand scale. I couldn't just use some tactical and devastator squads - I had to make a whole new type of force.

Ironically, I chose Codex: Space Wolves to help me represent my Thousand Sons. This codex showed the greatest potential for several reasons: A) it allowed me to use four psyker characters, B) it allowed me to represent the robot constructs in both a mechanical and thematic way, C) it wasn't a Codex: Space Marines list, and D) it allowed me to represent psykers not only with HQ character models, but also with models that wield plasma weaponry. I would simply use outstretched arms and green stuff to represent 'psychic blasts.'

Here's the list I chose to use, and which I will augment with bits selections from both Chapterhouse and MaxMini:

Rune Priest #1 - living lightning & murderous hurricane
Rune Priest #2 - jaws of the world wolf & murderous hurricane
Rune Priest #3 - jaws of the world wolf & living lightning
Rune Priest #4 - jaws of the world wolf & storm caller

Skyclaw Assault Pack (10) - powerfist

Longfang Pack (6) - missile launcher x5

Wolf Guard Pack (10) -
- power armor w/plasma pistol & power weapon (x4)
- power armor w/jump pack, plasma pistol & power weapon (x1)
- terminator armor w/combi-plasma & wolf claw (x2)
- terminator armor w/cyclone missile launcher, combi-plasma & wolf claw (x2)
- terminator armor w/combi-plasma & powerfist (x1)

Grey Hunter Pack #1 (10) - plasma gun x2, plasma pistol
Grey Hunter Pack #2 (10) - plasma gun x2, plasma pistol
Grey Hunter Pack #3 (8) - meltagun, plasma pistol, power weapon, mark of the wulfen, rhino
Grey Hunter Pack #4 (8) - meltagun, plasma pistol, power weapon, mark of the wulfen, rhino

It's a relatively small force of 68 models and it's mainly a bunch of foot troopers. I originally thought that I would mount the entire force in Drop Pods, but that idea seemed anathema to the way the army fought in the novel. It is still an option, as is the exclusion of the Terminators to make way for additional Grey Hunter units and regular Wolf Guard. I originally had a more varied weapon selection for the Long Fangs, but I decided to make a sacrifice here in the name of effectiveness. There still may be some changes to make in whether or not I actually use the Skyclaws. Their BS/WS are different than the regular foot troopers, which kind of goes against the way the 1Ksons Astartes run their legion.