Thursday, June 16, 2011

Grey Kniggets (revised)

Well there you have it: Another set of hopes and dreams for abusive armies crushed and smothered in the wake of a new FAQ. I think that while the Coteaz henchmen spam was a great army archetype, it was definitely not what the designers intended it to be. It's still a nice army with some cheap, scoring utility units, and it's easily one of the more versatile lists available through this codex.

Anyhow, I have done several revisions of the army since the FAQ was released and it's finally come down to this list:

Grey Knights Army List - 2000 Points

Inquisitor Coteaz - 100

Librarian - 245
Master-crafted Force Halberd, Digital Weapons, Mastery Level 3, Might of Titan, Quicksilver, Sanctuary, The Shrouding, The Summoning, Warp Rift

Inquisitorial Henchmen #1 - 230
Jokaero x5, Chimera

Inquisitorial Henchmen #2 - 230
Jokaero x5, Chimera

Inquisitorial Henchmen #3 - 230
Jokaero x5, Chimera

Inquisitorial Hechmen #4 - 72
Warrior Acolyte x3, Meltagun x2, Rhino

Inquisitorial Hechmen #5 - 72
Warrior Acolyte x3, Meltagun x2, Rhino

Grey Knight Terminators - 495
2x GKT w/Psycannon & Halberd
2x GKT w/Storm Bolter & Daemonhammer
1x GKT Justicar w/Storm Bolter & Halberd
1x GKT w/Storm Bolter & Brotherhood Banner
4x GKT w/Storm Bolter & Halberd

Purifier Squad - 186
3x Halberd, 2x Psycannon, Rhino

Dreadnought - 140
2x Twin-Linked Autocannon, Psybolt Ammo, Warp Stabilization Field

The major changes to this list are the smaller-sized Purifier squad, another Jokaero unit, and of course the 'Psyfleman Dread.' I think this list has a ton of potential because it's got 1) lots of long-range, high strength firepower, 2) mech-power, 3) anti-horde (Jokaero & Purifiers), 4) six scoring units, 5) good, solid close combat capability, and 6) safety at long range (Shrouding + Reinforced Aegis).

The giant unit of GK Terminators can also give the army a 7th scoring unit by breaking into combat squads if absolutely necessary, but its main function is to create a wall of close-combat heft that can't easily be breached - 3+ cover save, 2+ armor, Psychic Hood, Stubborn, Initiative 6 instant death-causing weapons, and the ability to possibly deny a charge with Sanctuary. It can toss out a lot of dakka at 24", but its main long-range fire is from the 15 Jokaero weapons, 16 Psycannon shots, 4 Psy-Autocannon shots, 9 Multi-laser shots and 9 Heavy Bolter shots. That's not too shabby when it comes to wrecking vehicles (around four Rhinos per turn, barring cover saves, or 2 on average with them).

I figure that if the majority of all missions are objective-based, then the army with the most board control with lots of small units is going to end up on top. However, if kill points are the game, Coteaz is going to allow you to cut down on your opponent's chance to take the initiative away...which is especially handy when there are so many Dark Eldar armies out there at the moment utilizing Vect.

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